In Loving Memory, Jens Maaløe

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Jens Maaløe - 2023

In Loving Memory, Jens Maaløe

Published 22nd March 2023.

Most sadly, the Chairman of our Board Jens Maaløe passed away last Monday, March 20th, after a short and terminal illness. Jens was 68 years old. He was a specially gifted and kind person, that great parts of Danish industry and I will greatly miss.

Jens admired our Institute and with his analytical skills and strong ethics, he has greatly contributed to our Institute. Jens was convinced that the Danish Technology Institute is healthy and robust in all aspects; this is a conviction that the rest of the Board, management and employees share.

Formally, vice-chairman Mikael Bay steps up as provisioned in our bylaws, and the planned Board elections in the end of April continue as originally planned.

Our warmest thoughts go to the family of Jens. May he rest in peace.