Innovation Agent training in Trinidad & Tobago

Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann

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Billede af Innovationtjek-metoden, og en hånd der peger på gule post-its med en kuglepen.

Innovation Agent training in Trinidad & Tobago

In the autumn of 2016 and again in 2019, DTI's centre for Ideas and Innovation entered a contract with CARIRI  - the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute  - for initiating the transfer to relevant stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago of the methods and techniques used under the Danish 'Innovation Agent Program'.

The focus of the Innovation Agent Program is to uncover potential areas of technological development and innovation in SMEs with low innovation capacity. Through an “Innovation Check-up”, an Innovation Agent along with decision-makers in an SME go through the company’s processes, products, business models, organizational setup and strategy. The Innovation Agent helps the company view its business and innovation potential from new angles, by providing concrete proposals for development projects along with references to experts and partners best suited to help the company move forward.

The transfer of the Danish program enables CARIRI to conduct an increasing number of innovation audits in large as well as medium-sized companies, hereby substantially improving the abilities of these companies to exploit new innovative technologies and knowledge.