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3D printed buildings

Thomas Juul Andersen

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3D print med beton på Teknologisk Institut
3D print with concrete at Danish Technological Institute

3D printed buildings

Project start January 2016. Expected completion December 2018.


The “3D-printed building” project (performance contract) is funded by the Danish Agency for Science and Innovation (Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation). The project aims to provide new technologies and services for the benefit of the Danish construction industry. For that, the project include a cooperation with both companies and universities.

The “3D-printed building” project focuses on developing methods for robot-based 3D printing building elements, boosting innovation and productivity in construction. The project also focuses on unexplored architectural possibilities that 3D printing technology can deliver in construction.


Build a new business area focused on building elements produced with 3D printing technology, strengthening the Danish construction industry's competitiveness.

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Follow the project progress on LinkedIn:


3D Concrete Printing - from material design to extrusion (ACE Workshop, 2017)

3D Concrete Printing - Technological issues in concrete mix design and extrusion (NIST, 2017)


3D Concrete Printing of Post-tensioned elements

3D Printed Concrete Workshop