Modular technology will make robots more flexible and adaptable

Lars  Dalgaard

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Mobil robot kører rundt på Teknologisk Institut.

Modular technology will make robots more flexible and adaptable

A three-year European research project named R5-COP aims to increase the flexibility and adaptability of automation and robotic systems through the use of modular technology. DTI is one of 30 organizations involved in the project.

R5-COP challenges recent developments in the European manufacturing industry. Increased innovation in the field has resulted in a great diversity of products, many of which have a short life cycle, and very few automation and robotic systems are designed to be adapted and reused in new work situations. R5-COP responds to these developments by focusing on the opportunities that exist for facilitating (re)-configure of existing systems to new processes through the use of robot modules.

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DTI's role in R5-COP

As a participant in R5-COP, DTI works towards developing a module based management system that will enable easy and fast installation and set-up of commercially available mobile robots for different tasks and environments. “We are working on developing a unique framework - we call it modular link framework - which makes it possible to take existing mobile robot platforms and exchange technologies between them so they can perform the same task. We can introduce flexibility at a high level through use of modularity”, summarizes team manager Lars Dalgaard from the Technological Institute.

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A prize-winning project
75 leading R&D projects (including R5-COP) were invited to the 2015 ARTEMIS Co-summit, where a prize was awarded to the project that could communicate its ambitions, goals and - if possible - results in the most compelling and understandable manner. Representatives from DTI, MIR and PIAP managed to win the audience's favor and gain the award for R5-COP.

The project is partly financed by ARTEMIS-JU and Innovationsfonden.