Project - Aluminium phase transition energy storage

Jannie Guldmann Würtz

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Project - Aluminium phase transition energy storage

Aluminium phase transition energy storage

Project start January 1st 2014. Ended ultimo 2015.

Purpose of project
This project is focusing on the development of a high temperature latent heat storage (MPCM) that is economically viable as well as highly efficient. The technology to be investigated in this project is based on the storage of electricity as heat at a constant high temperature. This is made possible by utilizing a phase change material (PCM). The R&D activities in the field of high temperature PCMs are today mostly concentrated on various types of salts.

This project will investigate the use of a metal as PCM (M-PCM). Compared to salt based PCMs, metals has several advantages such as a high latent heat capacity, long term thermal stability and a much better thermal conductivity. In addition, fabrication of tailored PCM materials with specific optimal thermal properties is possible by choosing the proper metal or alloy composition. A high and constant operating temperature during storage discharge ensures a more efficient conversion of the accumulated heat back to electricity (higher round trip efficiency), compared to most existing heat storage technologies. The round trip efficiency is, strictly speaking, limited only by the efficiency of the attached heat engine and the electric generator (energy conversion from heat to mechanical work).


The project is divided into 7 work packages:

  1. Research & development - material and storage system properties (300kWh lab scale)
  2. Designing the small laboratory scale energy storage (300kWh lab scale)
  3. Construction (and development) of an operationable lab storage system
  4. Lab experiments - DTI facility
  5. Business analysis and identification of relevant applications
  6. Sketching the design for a large scale pilot plant (3MWh)
  7. Dissemination


  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Aalborg CSP A/S
  • Verdo Produktion A/S
  • DTU Department of Mechanical Engineering, Section of Thermal Energy
  • Støtek Danmark ApS
  • Jarðfeingi

The project was funded by ForskEL and ForskVE.

Read the project summary report here (In Danish only):