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Project - DREAM - a framework for early commercial deployment of Smart Grid solutions

Lars  Overgaard

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Project - DREAM - a framework for early commercial deployment of Smart Grid solutions

Project start February 2012. Project finish December 2014.

Denmark is in charge of 20 % of all Smart Grid-projects in Europe. The DREAM project uses the knowledge and expertise derived from a number of Danish and International Smart Grid projects. DREAM is a multi-phase project that should ensure rapid deployment of Smart Grid solutions.

First steps towards a roll-out

In the field between technic, economy and user behavior, the project will take the first steps towards a massive rolling out of Smart Grid technologies.

It should demonstrate, how technologies and business models can be fully implemented in limited areas under conditions that take user and social conditions into account. The DREAM project will through an extensive technical, economic and anthropological analysis put together Smart Grid packages. These packages could include intelligent heat pumps, electric vehicles, sun cell inverters and installation for intelligent consumption of electric power. The products should be available in the market and so attractive so that they can be implemented in a willingly cooperation between citizens, companies and municipalties.