Project - Insects Convert Food Residue into Valuable Feed

Jonas Lembcke Andersen

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Project - Insects Convert Food Residue into Valuable Feed

VALIN - VALorisation of organic side streams through bioconversion with INsects

- GUDP project no. 34009-15-0924

Project start July 2015. Expected completion June 2017.

For several years, the Danish company ScrapTrans has collected and recycled residual and waste products from food companies. Thereby, they ensure that the resources are recycled to produce feed. In their processing, ScrapTrans i.a. turns bread and cake residues from the food industry into carbohydrate rich feed, which is sold as feed for piglets.

The rising cost of animal protein and the wish for sustainability paves the way for the production of mealworms as protein feed for fish farming. Mealworms have a very favourable nutritional composition and are very efficient when it comes to converting residual and waste products into protein containing products.

The goal of the VALIN project is to develop a profitable and sustainable concept of feed production for mealworms (larvae of Tenebrio molitor) by using selected residue and waste streams from the food industry to relaunch this valuable resource for the production of novel foods. The quality of the mealworms regarding their nutritional composition and sales opportunities as fish feed will be assessed.

The VALIN project will include the following tasks

  • Development of an optimized feed mixture for mealworms (supported by experience from previous tests conducted at Danish Technological Institute). The bioconversion potential of the different diets will be determined through, i.a., biomass output and the nutritional value of the produced mealworms.
  • Preparation of a smaller batch of mealworm flour produced with the optimized feed mixture and subsequent analysis of the quality and integrity of this flour as fish feed.
  • Cost-benefit analysis of bioconversion of a selection of the feed components and feed mixtures at ScrapTrans.
  • Development of a business model for a large-scale production of insect feed on the basis of the calculated data for establishment and operation, achieved added value through bioconversion and sales opportunities for the product on the market.


  • ScrapTrans A/S
  • Danish Technological Institute


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The VALIN project is a Danish cooperation between ScrapTrans and Danish Technological Institute. The project is supported by the Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GUDP) of the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.