Project - NanoPaint

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Project - NanoPaint

The Innovation consortium’s NanoPaint, deals with development of tomorrow’s nano technologic surface coatings

The project is completed.

Project start December 2005. Expected completion December 2009.

In both user and industrial production surface coatings play a central, though somewhat neglected role. The expense incurred by poor quality coating is extensive, however, the potential savings with, for example, effective corrosion protection, reduction in unwanted growth and lesser maintenance even more so. Nano paint combines the competences of research and development in central technologies and raises them from what can be described as a little known phenomenon, to a commonly used nano technological product.

Project Objectives

  • Functional sol-gel coatings for metal surfaces, with for example non-stick characteristics
  • Reduction of unwanted growth on wooden surfaces by using nano technology



  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Aarhus University
  • Velux A/S
  • Dyrup A/S
  • Accoat A/S
  • Ciba Specialty Chemicals Danmark A/S

The innovation consortium will develop nano technological solutions on request of the industry. The developed products will be frequently tested using industrial relevant tests by the consortiums industrial partners.