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Kalibrering og måleteknik


Denmark has in recent years refined its national structure for conformity assessment based on a modern principle of decentralisation according to which government control should be reduced and activities should be transferred to maximum of
self-sustained activities by private organisations. DTI has taken an active role in this new scheme and hold down a central place in the field of conformity.

In the field of metrology, DTI is the operator of the national primary laboratory for dimensional metrology in co-operation with The Technical University of Denmark.

The institute operates the national reference laboratory for energy and water flow measurement as well as the national reference laboratory for temperature measurement. On top of this DTI holds an accreditation for a wide range of metrology and calibration activities. It has been appointed to organise laboratory inter-comparisons, and has researched and developed software tools for laboratories to implement modern measurement uncertainty principles.

When it comes to the field of standards, DTI works closely with Danish Standards Association. Employees of DTI have extensive experience with national as well as international standardisation work. In several instances DTI experts act as chairmen of national and international standard committees. They have a key role in dissemination of know-how on new standards, translation into Danish and implementation in Danish Industry in technical and organisational terms in regards to conforming to new standards.

The greater share of DTI testing laboratory activities is consultancy work for clients. Thus, it is a major characteristic of DTI services that the final aim is not only to test that the customer’s products or systems comply with standards and legislation.

It is even more important that lessons learnt from testing are used in further development of products, processes or procedures. This is, of course, especially the case when EU directives are involved. Thus, DTI is by far the most logical choice for Danish companies willing to ensure that they are fully taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the EU legislation and that they are following the prescribed procedures.

Within the field of quality, DTI operates several certification bodies, i.a. Dancert and Danish Window Certification, accredited as well as non-accredited.

We are also accredited as inspection body in several fields and have two persons appointed to the certification advisory board of Danish Accreditation. The scope of our certification bodies includes certification of quality management systems as well as certification of products and personnel.

In addition to consultancy services, an increasing number of customers want the Danish Technological Institute to provide courses that cover several subject areas or focus on a few topics within the MSTQ field.
DTI therefore provides courses tailored to the customers’ actual requirements.