New healthy rye bran sausages

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Pølsevogn - Ruklidpølser

New healthy rye bran sausages

We are testing consumer attitudes towards new low-fat sausages with rye bran, which have been developed at the DMRI Pilot Plant. The aim is to provide a basis for new healthy, satiating and tasty meat products.

Sausages are very popular in Denmark and are usually consumed with bread and different dippings at the “original” Danish fast food outlet, “pølsevognen” (the sausage wagon).

However, traditional sausages are high in fat - up to 25 g per 100 g – which contributes to a high calorie intake. With the increasing awareness on health and nutrition, DMRI has developed a new healthy sausage with rye bran. The sausage has an improved nutritional quality with a fat content of 10 g per 100 g and 2.5 g dietary fiber per 100 g.

In order to ensure market potential, new healthy meat formulations must meet consumer demands and preferences in terms of sensory quality.

Up to now, DMRI has conducted consumer surveys with children aged 6-9 years old and their parents on the new healthy rye bran sausage.The results were positive and the healthy sausage was well-liked by these consumers.The rye bran sausage could have the potential to become a healthy and tasty supplement to the traditional sausage and hereby reduce the fat intake from the popular Danish fast food.

The next step is to test the rye bran sausage in another consumer group, namely the customers at the traditional Danish sausage wagon.

The results of the survey will be published in the end of 2012.