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DTI is continuously participating in a number of international research projects as coordinator or partner.
Currently these include:

  • MONTIE. Multisensors and Other New Technology for Improved indoor Environment in buildings. Project sponsored by the Nordic Innovation Centre 
  • AUTOBONE. Production unit for the decentralised engineering of autologous cell-based osteoinductive bone substitutes. EU-funded project with a total budget of EUR 4.675.442,60
  • INTELLISCAF. Intelligent Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering of Bone, Skin and Cartilage. EU-funded project with a total budget of EUR 6.243.915
  • NORDIC FOODPACK. Nordic Foodpack is a network of national Nordic research programmes studying packaging of food.  NORDIC FOODPACK is financed by the Nordic Industrial Fund and the national research programmes.
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  • RFID Compliance Test centre for Documentation of Supply Chain Performance. Project undertaken in cooperation with Michigan State University.
  • INNOVAWOOD. Wood research Database Project funded by the EU. See also