Policy for alcohol and other intoxicants

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Policy for alcohol and other intoxicants

Policy for alcohol and other intoxicants


Danish Technological Institute and its subsidiaries’ (hereinafter collective referred to as ‘Danish Technological Institute’) policy for alcohol and other intoxicants (hereinafter collectively referred to as ‘alcohol’) is to contribute to:

  • creating an attractive workplace with a good and developing working environment for individual employees and thus the whole Danish Technological Institute.
  • preventing drinking problems among employees and
  • offering help to employees with a drinking problem that impacts their work and how they work with colleagues or customers.


General attitude

Due to considerations for employees’ well-being, safety at the workplace and the company’s reputation and productivity, Danish Technological Institute’s attitude is that work and alcohol should not mix. Therefore, it is unacceptable if employees meet in an intoxicated state or appear intoxicated or smell of alcohol during working hours.

Danish Technological Institute also has the attitude that employees with drinking problems need to be offered help as soon as possible.

All employees must commit themselves to complying with Danish Technological Institute’s alcohol policy.

Who does the alcohol policy apply to?

Danish Technological Institute’s alcohol policy applies to all employees at Danish Technological Institute and its subsidiaries - also casual workers, interns, etc. - and to everyone that works at Danish Technological Institute’s premises or who visit the company.

Where does the alcohol policy apply?

The alcohol policy applies at all of Danish Technological Institute’s locations - also the international ones. It also applies when an employee participates in external activities such as customer visits, external meetings, external courses, etc.

When does the alcohol policy apply?

The alcohol policy applies throughout all working hours.

On special occasions such as anniversaries, round birthdays, etc. it is permitted to enjoy a drink if this has been agreed upon with Danish Technological Institute’s management. The management may also choose to permit alcohol to be enjoyed at other events such as Christmas lunches and summer parties.

Contact people

The purpose of having contact people in the alcohol policy is:

  • to offer all employees an effective system for getting help and
  • to highlight the problem for employees with drinking problems.

All people with management responsibilities are contact people.

In addition, the following employees have also been designated as contact persons:

Name: Lene Glud, tel. 2998, email: lbg@teknologisk.dk

Name: Susanne Staghøj Bjerre, tel. 1012, email: ssj@teknologisk.dk


Help for employees

Danish Technological Institute offers help to employees who have a drinking problem so that they can move past their problematic relationship with alcohol. What kind of help is offered depends on a concrete assessment of the individual employee’s situation and needs.

Employees are obliged to - and must independently ensure - that they are working on resolving their drinking problem and improving their work effort.


Any inquiry from an employee to a contact person is treated with full confidentiality.


All employees are free to contact any contact person during working hours, either in person, by email or by calling them.


If an employee is to be absent from the workplace when getting treatment, this is considered as sickness absence and will be treated based on the common rules for sickness absence which are specified in Danish Technological Institute’s personnel policy. If any potential treatment requires payment, this can be brought up between the employee’s manager and HR.

Treatment plan

A treatment plan is an agreement between the employee and the institution offering treatment. The contents are confidential, but the employee commits himself/herself to notifying Danish Technological Institute if the treatment requires absences from work.

As long as a treatment plan is in progress and all agreements are adhered to, there will be no changes in the employment relationship due to the employee’s drinking problem.

Consequences of breaching agreement and/or violating Danish Technological Institute’s alcohol policy

If an employee does not comply with Danish Technological Institute’s alcohol policy or fails to comply with the agreements entered into, the violation may have employment-related consequences including a formal warning, termination or, in special cases, expulsion.