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Mikkel  Agerbæk

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På grund af en teknisk fejl kan din henvendelse desværre ikke modtages i øjeblikket. Du er velkommen til at skrive en mail til Send e-mail eller ringe til +45 72 20 18 90.



Equipped with a number of advanced laboratory facilities, the Materials division develops and provides specialist services relating to new materials and processes. The division’s many laboratories working with micro-/nanotechnology, chemistry, microbiology as well as material technology focus primarily on industrial applications, solutions and innovation. 




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Mikkel Agerbæk
Vice President
Telephone +45 7220 1890

Metal and Surface Technology
Director Nikolaj Zangenberg
Telephone +45 7220 2494

Coating and Polymer Technology
Director Claus Bischoff
Telephone +45 7220 1777

Plastics and Packaging Technology
Director Lars Germann
Telephone +45 7220 1400

Product Development
Director Claus Erichsen Kudsk
Telephone +45 7220 1774

Director Lars Pleth Nielsen
Telephone +45 7220 1585