Membership of Plastics and Packaging Technology

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Membership of Plastics and Packaging Technology

Who is a member?
A number of the most influential companies have chosen center for Plastics and Packaging Technology as sparring partner. The member circle includes both packaging users and packaging manufactures, as well as trading companies, insurance companies, organisations and transport companies.

Why a member ?
It costs a lot of resources to keep the company's knowledge of national and international legislation and experience up to date. Plastic and Packaging Technology is the company's "extended arm" in packaging, transport and logistics issues. Both as a consultant and as a provider of technological services.

We collect, process and target the flow of information to our members. This ensures the company first hand knowledge while saving resources that would otherwise be used for continuous information collection. In addition, members are invited to participate in various development and research projects.

Economic benifits
A Plastics and Packaging Technology membership entails a number of concrete economic benefits that, in practice, quickly exceed the expense of the membership fee.

With exception of tasks performed as a subcontractor to, for example, Danish Standards, or projects carried out at public rates, a membership discount of 12.5% is granted on all Plastics and Packaging Technology services.

What does a membership cost?
The annual fee is 10,930 DKK excl. VAT and is determined each year. Organisations, business executives and member companies who wish to receive additional copies of Plastics and Packaging Technology information material may subscribe to an Info membership that includes only current information. The annual fee is 1,640 DKK  excl. VAT.

More information
We will readily prepare an example of the benefits your company would achieve from a membership. If you would like more information, please contact our secretariat at +45 72 20 31 50.

Danish Technological Institute
Plastics and Packaging Technology

Gregersensvej 6
DK-2630 Taastrup
Phone +45 72 20 31 50