Optimization of heat pump-based steam production systems

Hans  Madsbøll

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Optimization of heat pump-based steam production systems

Project start April 2019. Expected completion date March 2021.

Today, steam production in the industry is primarily based on traditional fossil fired boiler solutions. With the green transition from fossil to renewable energy sources, there is therefore a need to develop technologies for energy efficient electric steam production.

In this context, high temperature heat pumps are attractive since waste heat or other heat sources can be converted into steam with high efficiency. In a new project managed by Danish Technological Institute, a concept for the establishment and optimization of heat pump-based steam production systems will be developed.

Purpose of project
The project will significantly strengthen industrial companies and their suppliers and advisors in connection with design, requirements to and choice of steam production systems, so that energy efficient systems will be installed in the future.

The concept to be developed will be based on a demand-driven approach and will be developed based on the use of the latest technology in components and regulation. Furthermore, a guide will be developed. This guide will contain information on how existing steam systems can be optimized and how new steam production systems can be designed. The project will result in recommendations on which measures can be taken, how it can be done, and which energy savings can be achieved.

The project is divided into five phases:

  1. Feasibility study
  2. Development of a design tool for optimization of existing steam production systems
  3. Integration of heat pumps into steam production systems
  4. Design guide for new steam production systems
  5. Dissemination of knowledge to companies and their suppliers, consulting engineers and energy advisers as well as reporting.


  • Danish Technological Institute – Hans Madsbøll (project manager)
  • E-TEK
  • Aura Rådgivning A/S
  • Stryhns A/S
  • Ardo A/S
  • C&D Foods
  • Innoterm A/S
  • Solid Energy A/S
  • Berendsen Textil Service A/S.

The project is funded by ELFORSK.