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Billede af to SAS fly fra ALIGHT projektet

Project - ALIGHT

Project start: November 2020. Expected to end: September 2025

Green transition of the aviation industry

The aviation industry is currently undergoing a transition in which CO2 emissions from aircrafts and airports must be completely neutralized by 2050. There are many technological solutions and opportunities, and the project also identifies several barriers to realise the sector’s green transition.

With Copenhagen Airport as lighthouse, the CO2-neutral airport of the future will be demonstrated.

The project, ALIGHT (a lighthouse for the introduction of sustainable aviation solutions for the future), will ensure the development of solutions to two overall challenges:

  • Development of best practice solutions for the operation and logistical handling of biofuels for aircrafts in airports. This includes looking at: procurement, mixing, fuel refilling, quality control, sustainability principles and safety processes.
  • Development of smart energy solutions for the rest of the airport’s operation, including increased self-production of renewable energy, energy storage, electrification of transport, intelligent infrastructure for electric cars and implementation of smart energy management.

The mission is to find best practices for the implementation of sustainable biofuels and renewable energy solutions for airport operations. Three other airports, Rome, Vilnius, and a brand new airport in Warsaw, are participating in the project and planning to replicate these solutions.

Danish Technological Institute is responsible for the following in the project:

  • Roadmap – description of the path to the fossil-free airport (based on best practice from ALIGHT)
  • Smart Energy Management (ensuring the best possible utilization of renewable energy)
  • Increasing renewable energy production (from solar panels)
  • Intelligent charging infrastructure and Vehicle2Grid
  • Energy storage
  • Workshop on biofuels and smart energy
  • Communication in the project regarding articles, websites, social media, etc.

Read the press release about the project


  • Copenhagen Airport
  • Vilnius Airport (part of Lithuanian Airports)
  • Aeroporti di Roma
  • Solidarity Transport Hub Poland (CPK) (responsible for the new airport in Warsaw)
  • Brændstoflageret Københavns Lufthavn I/S (BKL)
  • SAS
  • Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation (NISA)
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  • Air bp
  • The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials
  • Hybrid Greentech
  • BMGindroz Consulting
  • University of Parma
  • Hamburg University of Technology
  • Danish Technological Institute

Horizon 2020 EU funded project

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