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Project - BIOMAN - Economically efficient biogas production from manure fibres and straw

Caroline Kragelund Rickers

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Project - BIOMAN - Economically efficient biogas production from manure fibres and straw


Project start october 2012. Expected completion april 2015.

An international group of researchers and companies from five EU countries are developing a new treatment concept to extract biogas from organic material that is difficult to convert such as e.g. straw and agricultural waste. The objective is to reach a considerable increase in biogas production from materials that are difficult to convert and at the same time to improve the total economy.

Objective of the project
The BIOMAN-project will develop a so-called ”re-injection loop” with combinations of different types of pre-treatment with i.e. enzymes and physical methods, e.g. division into fine particles and ultrasound. The objective of the treatment is to expand the particle surface in the biomass so the gas producing bacteria can start working. The biomass will come from degassed liquid manure from animals or from energy crops.


  • Danish Technological Institute - Section for Environmental Biotechnology and Section for Biomass and Biorefinery(DK)
  • Aalborg University - Copenhagen (DK)
  • Asociación de Investigación de la Industria Agroalimentaria- AINIA (ES)
  • Bigadan (DK)
  • Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH (DE)
  • Enzyme Supplies (UK)
  • Enprocon (AU)
  • Hibridacion Termosolar Navarra- HTN (ES)