Danish Technological Institute acquires Danfysik A/S - 2009

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Danish Technological Institute acquires Danfysik A/S - 2009

Unique technological competencies remain in Denmark of benefit to the Danish industry and export trade. Danish Technological Institute has the 19th. January 2009 acquired 27 key staff members and the accelerator, magnet and power supply activities of Danfysik A/S in Jyllinge.

In 2011 Danfysik has moved to Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup.

Danfysik was founded in 1964 in cooperation with physicists from Aarhus University.

Danfysik logo forskudt

It is a fascinating business with outstanding key competencies within accelerator technology for high energy nuclear physics and development of modified surfaces for the industry. During the past 40 years the company has gained wide experience and has worked on several high technology development projects in up a substantial cooperation with leading universities abroad within high technological development projects, explains Søren Stjernqvist, CEO of Danish Technological Institute. 

Unique competencies are valuable abroad
Danfysik is the only company of its kind in Denmark. The services and products are sold on the global market to advanced end-users, mainly universities and research laboratories. Most of the production has been outsourced.

We are very pleased that by acquiring Danfysik A/S we help ensuring that these competencies and activities remain in Denmark, says CEO Søren Stjernqvist. 
The fact that it was Danish Technological Institute which became the owner of Danfysik A/S pleases Bjarne Roger Nielsen, now former CEO of Danfysik A/S.

Danish Technological Institute is a strong strategic owner with a good understanding of and high respect for our knowledge and technological competencies. We will still be independent technologically as well as on the businesswise side but I am confident that we together with our new owner will enter a constructive cooperation  which will result in new and profitable technological achievement possibilities in the future, says Bjarne Roger Nielsen.

It is expected that Danfysik with renewed focus on the original core business Danfysik can create good reasonable results. It is also expected that Danfysik together with Danish Technological Institute can break new ground through when commercializing research and development results, especially within high technological materials.

Danish Technological Institute is the owner of all shares of the new Danfysik A/S.
Andras Splidt, Danish Technological Institute on +45 72 20 20 06
or e-mail: andras.splidt@teknologisk.dk

Danfysik - bygning

With the acquisition of Danfysik A/S Danish Technological Institute ensures that valuable technological competencies remain in Denmark to the benefit of Danish industry and export trade. 

Søren Stjernqvist, departing president, Danish Technological Institute, as of 1st October 2020.