Employee testimonial - Josefina Gallardo Nielsen, laboratory technician

Annemarie Drasbæk Søgaard

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Employee testimonial - Josefina Gallardo Nielsen, laboratory technician

Laboratory technician, Centre for Micro-Technology and Surface Analysis, Josefina Gallardo Nielsen

I qualified as a laboratory technician in 1998 and started off working at the Centre for Chemical and Water Technology, where I carried out organic analyses of environmental pollutants. Now I work at the Centre for Micro-Technology and Surface Analysis where I operate the electron microscopes (SEM). We investigate all types of surfaces and get samples from many different industries. It’s just like going off exploring with every sample we get, and it’s that that makes the work so fascinating. 

The Danish Technological Institute is a great place to work because of the opportunities for moving between centres and trying something new within your own area of expertise. The Institute is also an open and flexible workplace. Open because it doesn’t make any difference what nationality you are. I myself grew up in Spain and only got to know the Danish language and culture when I came to Denmark in 1993 – and I’ve always felt very welcome here. And flexible because you don’t have any fixed working times, but can plan your working hours together with your boss, fitting them around what suits you best.  

I’ve got to know a lot of great colleagues over the years, which I appreciate very much. A lot of importance is attached to group cohesion where the social element provides the key to being able to work well together.