Green Concrete ll - Green transition of cement and concrete production in Denmark

Lars Nyholm Thrane

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Green Concrete ll - Green transition of cement and concrete production in Denmark

Project start March 2014. Completed February 2019.


The Innovation Consortium "Green Conversion of Cement and Concrete Production” is a R&D project supported by the Danish Innovation Fund. The project aims at creating the foundation for a green transition of cement and concrete production in Denmark. It is estimated that the demand for cement and concrete in 2050 will be twice as large as it was in 2010. At present, the cement production contributes to 5% of the total man-made CO2 emissions worldwide. Hence, there is a need for decoupling CO2 emissions from cement and concrete production. This can be achieved by enabling cement production at lower combustion temperatures and using alternative raw materials both in cement production and concrete composition. Notice that the production of new cement types will demand further development of concrete compositions as well as testing and documentation. The Innovation Consortium, colloquially called "Green Concrete II" project, will study new alternative cement, ensuring that the future Danish concrete structures can be realised with the necessary durability and minimal need for maintenance. Also, the project includes a wide range of promotional and educational activities, including cooperation with vocational schools on the development of training materials as well as implementation of workshops.

Project objectives

  • Help reduce CO2 emissions from cement production
  • Alleviate the consequences of a potential shortage of fly ash for concrete production
  • Create growth in Danish knowledge and manufacturing jobs
  • Export knowledge and solutions across the cement and concrete industry


  • Aalborg Portland A/S, DK
  • Business Academy Zealand, DK
  • Centre for Concrete Education (AMU North Jutland), DK
  • Copenhagen Business Academy, DK
  • Danish Concrete Factory Concrete Group, DK
  • Danish Energy Agency, DK
  • Danish Road Directorate, DK
  • Danish Technological Institute (Project Manager), DK
  • Lillebaelt Academy, DK
  • MT Højgaard, DK
  • Rail Net Denmark (Banedanmark), DK
  • Rambøll, DK
  • Sweco A/S (Grontmij A/S), DK
  • Technical University of Denmark, DK
  • Unicon A/S, DK
  • Via University College - Campus Horsens, DK

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