K-alTan - Cascade model vs. complete inspection of balconies

Allan Skydsbæk Hansen

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The picture shows a building with concrete balconies

K-alTan - Cascade model vs. complete inspection of balconies

Project start March 2021. Project completion December 2022


Today there are no requirements of balcony inspections. However, a number of catastrophic collapses of balconies in Denmark have led several experts to demand that regular inspections of balconies made with cantilever iron beams become mandatory. It is a both expensive and comprehensive task, which in practice will be difficult to complete especially when the number of professionally qualified people who are able to carry out the inspection in Denmark, is limited

Supported by Grundejernes Investeringsfond (The Landowners' Investment Foundation), the Danish Technological Institute has initiated a new project, that will show the way forward in future requirements of balcony inspections. The choice is between inspection of all balconies and random testing – and the challenges are both finances, lack of skills and the risk of damaging healthy balconies.

Project objective

The purpose of the K-alTan project is to create the documentation that can illustrate whether it is advantageous to base the inspections on a cascade model (random testing) rather than inspections of every balcony.

The objective is achieved by creating the necessary database for assessing the potential of the cascade model through examination of previously completed balcony inspections along with verification af test of the cascade model. 


  • Danish Technological Institute, DK
  • Ejendom Danmark (The Danish Property Federation), DK
  • Danske Udlejere, DK