Light2CAT - Daylight as weapon against air pollution – Advanced photocatalytic concrete

Martin  Kaasgaard

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The project name "Light2Cat" cast on a concrete block.

Light2CAT - Daylight as weapon against air pollution – Advanced photocatalytic concrete

Project start March 2012. Completed August 2015.


Light2CAT is a R&D project funded by the European Union's FP7 Programme and coordinated by the Danish Technological Institute. The project aimed at developing light-sensitive materials and incorporating them into concrete structures to fight air pollution. The project participants developed a highly-efficient visible-light-activated titanium dioxide (TiO2), enabling more of the sun light to activate oxidation reactions of atmospheric pollutants in photocatalytic concrete. Such technology will enable building public infrastructures and buildings capable of reducing air pollution in less sunny climates and indoor environments. Light2CAT is expected to make important advances towards the goal of having our built environment act against pollution, combating climate change and minimizing the direct effects of breathing polluted air on human Health.

Project objectives

  • Develop a visible-light-activated titanium dioxide
  • Reduce air pollution by using ordinary daylight


  • Cementa (Heidelberg Cement Group), SE
  • Copenhagen City Council, DK
  • Danish Road Directorate, DK
  • Danish Technological Institute (Coordinator), DK
  • Dansk Autoværn, DK
  • Hermo Prefabricados de Hormigon, ES
  • Huntsman Tioxide Pigments, UK
  • InnDEA (Foundation of the Valencia City Council), ES
  • Innova, IT
  • Starka Betong Industrier, DK
  • University of Aberdeen, UK