Project – Collaboration with Danish Radio Stations to make the Danes more Climate-Friendly

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Project – Collaboration with Danish Radio Stations to make the Danes more Climate-Friendly

The project is completed.

Project start 1st February 2009. Projected completion date 31st January 2010.

A website will be developed to provide a framework for a web universe where people can participate in a number of competitions, for example, by establishing their own climate profile and work on improving it. It will also be possible to blog with others in the web universe about climate-friendly behaviour, and to compare oneself with climate profiles in one’s own city and in the rest of Denmark. The participants will also gain knowledge of the future of our climate if the global population emits the same quantity of COas oneself.

Danish Radio Stations are promoting the competition and the website via trailers, TV-spots etc. Danish Radio Stations will introduce a project week, also broadcasting on the TV channels and in October, focussing on climate and climate friendly behaviour from different perspectives   

The project’s overall objective is to encourage each Dane to engage with the challenge of changing his / her climate behaviour to make it more sustainable.

As a part of this, we wish to broaden the Danes’ horizon when it comes to climate friendly behaviour and make them focus on the advantages to changing their lifestyles. It could be, for example, improved health and physical well-being, more enjoyable holidays, more interesting food, unique vintage style of clothes or something completely different. Another goal is to improve understanding of what causes the highest amounts of CO2  – emissions. For example, how large a share of the individual CO2 emissions comes from energy consumption in the home, food, other goods or holiday and leisure activities?

Project Objectives

  • To motivate Danes to engage with the challenge of changing their behaviour to become more climate friendly.
  • To focus on the added bonus associated with changes in behaviour: health, interesting food etc.
  • To improve the understanding of what really counts on the CO2 balance sheet.


  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Lokalenergi
  • Danish Building Research Institute
  • Danish Radio Stations
  • Communication and Lifestyle Consultant Christine Feldthaus