Project - Assessment of the Strength of Existing Masonry

Toke Rask Frandsen

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Project - Assessment of the Strength of Existing Masonry

The Strength of Existing Masonry

Project start beginning of 2009. Expected completion mid 2012.

The project is completed.

In many situations, it is essential to know the actual strength parameters for masonry, to ensure the design is implemented rationally.

For instance, the construction or renovation of balconies situated in existing buildings, or creation of penthouses in existing brick buildings or other renovation / rebuilding that can lead to an increased load on the masonry.

In particular, such knowledge is imperative when removing supporting walls, as this causes an increased load on the remaining walls, as well as when changing the static system for establishing the main stability of the building.

Project Objectives

  • To establish an overview of the existing methods of strength assessment.
  • To further develop and adapt the most suitable methods to Danish conditions.
  • To prepare instructions for assessing existing masonry for purposes of renovation, extensions, rebuilding, reinforcement or safety assessment.


  • Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University
  • Danish Technological Institute, Masonry and Building Components

The project is naturally divided into four stages:

  • Stage 1: Examination of the literature and other sources of information to gain an overview of the various methods of assessing properties of existing masonry.
  • Stage 2: Further development and adaptation of the methods best suited for Danish conditions.
  • Stage 3: Analysing the strengths of existing masonry.
  • Stage 4: Preparation of instructions.