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Anne Mette Frey

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Project - BeReal

Project start. October 2013. Expected project completion. September 2016.

Today testing of wood burning stoves and pellet stoves are performed in a laboratory with the perfect conditions for a good combustion. The background for the BeReal project is the difference that often occurs between how a product performs during type testing in the laboratory and how it performs in real life.

The project wishes to find more realistic test methods that reflect performance and emissions at the consumer. In that way it will be easier for the consumers to distinguish between the qualities of firewood and pellet stoves.

Danish Technological Institute has moved laboratory equipment to the consumers in Denmark and tested how wood burning stoves perform in reality. See video on how this was realized:

Video - BeReal


  • Development of advanced testing methods for biomass room heating appliances (firewood & pellet stoves) to better reflect real life operation
  • Development of a centralized standard evaluation tool for quality assurance purposes
  • Validation of methods at an early stage of development
  • Proof of real life impact of advanced products by field test demonstration
  • Proof of reliability and reproducibility of testing methods and evaluation tools in a Round Robin test
  • Development and introduction of a European quality label based on the novel testing methods


Project participants:

  • TFZ, Germany
  • BE2020+, Germany
  • DTI, Denmark
  • SP, Sweden
  • HFR, Germany
  • Atech, Slovenia
  • Interfocos, the Netherlands
  • Stuv, Belgium
  • HWAM, Denmark
  • Nibe, Sweden
  • Scan, Denmark
  • HKI, Germany
  • KOV, Austria
  • EFA, EU

Supported by the European 7th frameworkEUs syvende rammeprogram