Project - Development and demonstration of "DryPack"

Jannie Guldmann Würtz

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Project - Development and demonstration of "DryPack"

Energy conservation of industrial drying plants

Project start 2011. Ended 2013.


The purpose of the project is to develop a calculation and analysis tool 'DryPack', which can be used to find energy conservations in a large number of prevalent industrial drying processes together with describing and calculating possibilities for energy optimization on the project participants' drying plants.


'DryPack' will be relevant for energy counsellors, suppliers of equipment and users of drying processes, and it will be free to be downloaded by everyone when the project is done.

There are many manuals, articles and knowledge in general about specific drying processes, but what is missing is a userfriendly tool, which quickly and easy can be applied to analyze and optimize product and energy flows in the frequently used drying processes in order to find energy conservations.

The energy consumption often make up the greatest operation cost in productions, where drying features.

With increasing prices on energy in prospect and increased focus on climate changes, energy conservation is highly prioritized in the drying industri.

The project group consists of actors from every aspect of the value chain and will comprise a broad extract of industrial drying processes. It is expected that DryPack will become the standard tool for counsellors and end users, when analyzing drying processes.



  • Lokalenergi A/S
  • Enervision
  • DTU, Institut for Mekanisk Teknologi
  • Vestjyllands Andel a.m.b.a.
  • Skamol A/S
  • Arkil A/S - Asfalt
  • Danish Technological Institute


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