Project - Development of Dessicant Dewpoint Cooler (phase 1 and 2)

Jannie Guldmann Würtz

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Project - Development of Dessicant Dewpoint Cooler (phase 1 and 2)

Development of Desiccant Dewpoint Cooler (phase 1 and 2)

Project start January 1st 2013. Project ended December 31st 2015.

Purpose of project
Heatdriven refrigerant technologies make up for an interesting alternative to compressordriven technologies and can, via utilisation of renewable energy, minimise the need for electricity significantly. Most heatdriven refrigeration equipment are challenged by an electricity use for the ancillary equipment for operation of pumps and ventilators. Desiccant based refrigeration systems characterised by not using electricity for cooling. For traditional desiccant coolers the efficiency of heat exchanging is critical.

This project will deal with the development of an alternative system called Desiccant Dewpoint Cooling Unit (DDC), which is consists of a dehumidifier wheel a dessicant wheel and which does not need a balanced return air current from the building it is attached to. A DDC can be used alone or be built onto an existing ventilationsystem. The desiccantsystems refrigerate via evaporation of water, but on the contrary to traditional systems the cooling is indrect in DDC.

The objective of the project is to design a DDC for ventilationsystems, which will minimise the electricity use when using airconditioning connected to utilisation of solarheat and wasteheat. The project consists of two work tracks; one scientific and one developmental.


The overall project is divided into two phases:

  1. Scientific work track; litteraturereviews, study of possible system designs, designing of a pilot dehumidifier wheel, designing of a dessicant cooler, reports and dissemination
  2. Development track; dehumidifier wheel, dessicant cooler, DDC-system, reports and dissemination


  • Danish Technological Institute
  • DTU Mekanik
  • OBH Gruppen
  • E. Klink
  • DTU Institut for bygger og anlæg

The project was funded by ELFORSK.