Project - Digestibility of Proteins for Fish Feed

Karin Loft Eybye

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Project - Digestibility of Proteins for Fish Feed

Sustainable Development of the Aquaculture, Determining Protein Digestibility of Trout Feed

Project start June 2007. Expected completion December 2010.

The rising prices on fish feed are causing the fish feed producers to experiment with other types of protein sources to produce fish feed for trout farming, among other things.

Not all protein sources are digestible for fish; the project is therefore working to establish a laboratory method to judge the suitability of alternative protein sources in fish feed.

Today, feed and protein digestibility are assessed via time-consuming and costly feeding experiments. A quick laboratory procedure will ensure rational product development and reduce the industry’s dependence on raw materials.

Project Objectives

  • Utilise alternative protein sources in fish feed.
  • Establishing a laboratory method to determine protein digestibility for fish.
  • Accurate and effective quality assessment of raw materials and end-product.


  • Danish Technological Institute in collaboration with two Danish fish feed producers and DTU Aqua.