Project - EcoPack Ejector Optimized Value Pack

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Project - EcoPack Ejector Optimized Value Pack

EcoPack Ejector Optimized Value Pack.

Project start January 2019. Expected to end December 2020.


EcoPack Ejector Optimized Value Pack is a project which aims to increase the efficiency of small to medium sized refrigeration systems for supermarkets. This is achieved by applying ejectors which utilize the energy otherwise lost in the system. The latest development of ejectors has been aimed at larger CO2 refrigeration systems. In this project, controls and components are developed for refrigeration systems from 40 to 125 kW. The results of the project will advance the market introduction and expand the applications of CO2 refrigeration to warmer climatic conditions. In Denmark alone, the savings potential is approximately 43 GWh.


The goal is to increase the yearly efficiency with 13 % of small to medium sized refrigeration systems for supermarkets based on Advansor's range of models Value Pack (40 to 100 kW) and to achieve a simple payback time in less than three years. Currently, it is a question of a unit with a total capacity for cold storage of 125 kW.

The result is achieved by scaling down Danfoss' heat control products to this segment and by optimizing Advansor's range of models with new compressors. Moreover, the dimensioning and armament of pibes, valves and containers in the total installation are being reviewed and revised to ensure the efficiency of the total system. The design of the system, the test in Danfoss' laboratory and the demonstration in a COOP store take place in collaboration with Danish Technological Institute.

The trial is carried out in the Danfoss laboratory in Nordborg in collaboration with Danish Technological Institute, and a satisfying test is a prime requisite for the fact that COOP is willing to carry out a field test in a super market.


The project consists of 3 work packages:

  • WP 1: Preparation of EcoPack for testing, WP leader Advansor
  • WP 2: Test of EcoPack in the laboratory, WP leader Danish Technological Institute
  • WP 3: Demonstration of EcoPack in COOP stor, WP leader Danish Technological Institute





Super Køl

Danish Technological Institute (project leader)


The project is supported by Det Energiteknologiske Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram (EUDP).