Project - Heat Pumps in existing buildings

Esben Vendelbo Foged

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Project - Heat Pumps in existing buildings

Project start February 1st 2015. Project ended May 1st 2016.

Purpose of project

The project is a research study of optimal use of heat pumps in existing buildings using wastewater as heat source. A pragmatic approach is used to solve problems, which have so far prevented using heat pumps together with wastewater.


This phase develops and describes the different prototype designs of heat absorber, measuring performance as a function of fouling as well as maintenance needs. This is done with five wastewater wells at Havnehusene in Aarhus and by converting one well in Skovgårdsparken which was part of Phase 1a. The project is an important base for further research on exploiting the heat from wastewater; a technology which has so far not been possible. Both projects have Brabrand Housing Association as client. The project is a prerequisite for Brabrand Housing Association to use the technology in large scale.


The project is divided into 6 phases:

  1. Design prototype
  2. Establish an on-site pilotplant
  3. Running-in
  4. Measurements
  5. Reporting and dissemination
  6. Administration and project management


  • Danish Technological Institute - Esben Vendelbo Foged (projekt leader)
  • COWI A/S
  • Geo Heat Ex ApS
  • Brabrand Boligforening