Project - Hybrid evaporator

Lars  Olsen

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Project - Hybrid evaporator

Project start January 2017. Ended in February 2018.

Purpose of project

The aim is to develop an energy-efficient hybrid evaporator system as an optimized combination of a flodded and DX system. The system is expected to reduce the power consumption with 10-30% and be able to contribute with a saving potential of up to 150-200 GWh annually in industrial refrigeration plants.


The project will develop af new evaporator system focused on ammonia, which combines a flooded with af direct expansion (DX) system. The excellent properties of both systems are combined and at the same time the disadvantages of the two systemt are virtually avoided. Work is undertaken to optimize the relationship between the flow and evaporation of the refrigerant, the amounnt of refrigerant and pressure conditions. Optimizing the efficiency is done both at full and part load.


The project is divided into 4 work packages:

  1. Analysis
  2. Breaking-in the system with U-turn
  3. Testing overheating and bypass
  4. Dissemination and reporting


  • Tehnological Institute
  • Alfa-Laval
  • Svedan


The project is funded by ELFORSK.