Project - Maintenance-Free Timber Protection

Niels  Morsing

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Project - Maintenance-Free Timber Protection

High-Tech Paint for Timber – New Technology For Optimising The Adhesion Of The Interface Between Timber And Paint

Project start April 2008. Expected completion April 2011.

The project is completed.

Lately, the use of timber in outdoor construction has rapidly increased.
In most cases the wooden constructions need surface treatment to preserve the aesthetic impression and prevent microbiological degradation.
In practice, current surface treatments have a maintenance interval of 2-6 years.

To improve the durability of the paint treatment, the adhesion between timber and paint can be crucial. Existing paints are almost exclusively based on physical adhesion, which means that an improved physical adhesion and a chemical bonding could help increase the durability of the paint.

 Project Objectives

  • Develop a timber treatment system which is maintenance-free for at least twice as long as traditional systems
  • Develop a cost-effective timber treatment system where the price is not significantly higher than traditional products