Project - Medicine must be adjusted to every single brain tumor

Majbritt Hauge Kyneb

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Project - Medicine must be adjusted to every single brain tumor

Project start: October 2018. Project end: September 2021.

In a new EUROSTARS project, SensiScreen Glioma, the Danish company PentaBase A/S together with Danish Technological Institute and the Swiss Istituto Cantonale di Patologia will develop a new improved method for precise detection of the exact medical treatment that will work most effectively on the individual brain tumor.

Glioma is one of the most common and gravest forms of brain cancer. This brain cancer has numerous subtypes and stages, which are, among others, characterized by combinations of different genetic biomarkers. A genetic biomarker can be, for example, a specific mutation in a gene, an abnormal number of copies of a gene or even entire pieces of one or several chromosomes missing.

Since it is proven that there is a clear connection between the presence of these biomarkers in each tumor and the effect of different medicine, the existing official guidelines recommend an analysis of a wide range of biomarkers before starting medical treatment.

Today, the methods for identifying the various types of biomarkers are diverse and require access to different types of expensive specialized equipment. Also, these methods are not always sufficiently sensitive, which is a problem since the biopsies from the brain are often very small.

In SensiScreen Glioma-project, PentaBase A/S in close collaboration with Danish Technological Institute, will develop an entirely new and extremely sensitive method, which on inexpensive qPCR standard equipment already available at most hospitals, is able to analyze all biomarkers much easier and faster.

The prototype will be validated and compared on clinical samples with existing methods by the Swiss pathology institute.

The development of the extremely sensitive analysis method will also pave the way for being able to analyze biomarkers in blood samples or spinal fluid in the future, which means a less invasive and risky method compared to biopsies from the brain.

This way, it will also be possible to monitor the patient closely, and continuously observe the effect of the treatment and potential relapses.

EUROSTARS is a co-financed program between the Innovation Fund Denmark, SERI, EUREKA and EU Commission.

Project aim

Development of kits for analysis of brain cancer biopsies.

Challenge the analyses in terms of their sensitivity and the ability to measure blood samples.


  • PentaBase A/S
  • Istituto Cantonale di Patologia, Switzerland
  • Danish Technological Institute