Project - Optimisation of condensing units according to EU's Ecodesign regulation (ECOCDU)

Christian  Heerup

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Project - Optimisation of condensing units according to EU's Ecodesign regulation (ECOCDU)

Optimisation of condensing units according to EU's Ecodesign regulation (ECOCDU)

Project start March 1st 2016. Ended in March 2018.

Purpose of project
From the line of products, two units are chosen for frozen and fresh products preservation, respectively. These are investigated with regard to the seasonal efficiency performance ratio, SEPR, as stated by the Ecodesign regulation in force from July 2016. The aim is to improve the SEPR by 15% compared to the current value. This figure relates to an annual sale in Denmark of approx. 8600 units and a potential market share of 10%. At a mean cooling capacity of 7 kW, this is equivalent to potential savings accumulated over 10 years at 186 GWh in Denmark. It is expected that the outcome of the project also will increase the potential market for the product line within the EU and, thus, generate additional saving on this market. The optimisation is performed by use of a mathematical model for analysing the components and the efficiency of the units. The improvements in efficiency are documented by measurements in a climate chamber.

The objective is to provide increased obtainability for condensing units with low greenhouse effect. The Advansor product line of condensing units (CDUs) with CO2 together with Danfoss controls form the basis of this segment.


The project is divided into 6 phases:

  1. Analysis of data from the product series and assessment of the possibility of improvement for critical components.
  2. Building of an optimised unit with the identified improved components/processes, which will be tested.
  3. Validation of performance of units in order to assess the selected solutions.
  4. Building a unit with the selected equipping and control strategy - as close to productionmodel as possible.
  5. Validation of results with focus on performance, pricing etc. for the product following a test described in a draft to EU Ecodesign criteria for CDU's.
  6. The project is reported via an endreport and through papers on national and international conferences and themed days.


  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Advansor A/S
  • Danfoss A/S

The project receives funding from ELFORSK.