Project - PowerPack in fume hood exhaust (PIEM)

Christian  Heerup

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Project - PowerPack in fume hood exhaust (PIEM)

Start date January 1st 2017. Ended in December 31st 2018.

Purpose of project

The efficiency is documented for a new technology, which has shown the ability to reduce accumulation of grease in fume exhaust systems. For the Danish catering industry, this means an increase in efficiency for these systems, where 5% saving is equivalent to 240 GWh in addition to non-energy benefits.


The project content and relevance is to document a new technology's ability to reduce the deposits of grease in the fume exhaust from industrial kitchens and determine the consequences of this for the energy consumption. The task of the fume exhaust is to remove harmful vapors from the process of preparing of food. However, it is a major problem that the grease particles contained in the fumes are deposited in the ducts, heat exchangers and fans. These deposits is a potential fire hazard and reduces the efficiency of the fan and heat exchangers, as well as reduces the airflow by increasing the pressure loss in the ducts. It is necessary to mechanically remove the grease deposits on a regularly basis, making it costly to service the system.


The project is divided into 6 phases:

  1. Visual inspection and photo documentation
  2. Konfiguration of datalogue equipment and database
  3. Installation of datalogue equipment
  4. Measurement of volume of air
  5. Particulate measurement in fume hood exhaust
  6. Analysis and processing of measured results
  7. Reporting
  8. Project management


  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Biotech Innovation ApS
  • Tivoli A/S
  • HJE Ventilation


The project is funded by ELFORSK.