Project - Refrigerated Counters of the Future

Per Henrik Pedersen

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Project - Refrigerated Counters of the Future

Refrigerated counters of the future

Project start August 1st 2015. Ended in December 2017.

Purpose of project
The goal is to design a new generation of refrigerated counters for professional kitchens. The coming design will fulfil the criteria for the most efficient energy class in the coming EU Energy labelling scheme and fulfil Ecodesign criteria. The product must contribute to ensuring continued business and employment at Gram Commercial.

The existing refrigerated counters will be labelled with class "C" according to the coming EU energy labelling scheme. The goal is to improve the efficiency in such a degree, that the coming product will be labelled with energy class "A", which requires energy savings of at least 32 %.

After the project, the new refrigerated counter will be marketed by Gram Commercial. Gram Commercial declares strong support for the project, and they are convinced that it will result in a new generation of refrigerated counters. This will strengthen the market position of Gram ad ensure the production and employees at the factory.


The project is divided into 12 phases:

  1. Analysis of  technologies in refigerated counters - both in Gram's existing counters and competing products.
  2. Mathematical tools will be developed for analyzing the possibilities for improvements.
  3. Design of the first prototype. This will be based on the results from phase 1 and 2 as well as the accessibility of components.
  4. The first prototype will be built according to the design in phase 3.
  5. The first prototype will be tested in a climate chamber according to EN23953. The results will be analyzed by the project partners including the national team of chefs.
  6. Design of the second prototype, based on the results from phase 5.
  7. Test of the second prototype in a climate chamber after EN23953. The results will be analyzed by the project partners and the national team of chefs.
  8. Building of 10 new refrigerated counters in a “0-serie” for field test.
  9. Acquiring meters and calibration for the field test. The meters will be installed in the 10 new units and in five existing refrigerated counters.
  10. The trial units will be installed in professional kitchens in connection with the field test.
  11. Data will be collected and analyzed. Reports will be written after 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month. In these reports, the behavior of the users will be analyzed and described as well. The behavior will be compared to the energy consumption.
  12. The meters will be collected, and a final report will be written. A workshop will be arranged with the purpose of presenting and discussing the results. Papers will be prepared for various conferences and international scientific magazine. A guide for the design of compact evaporators will be developed.


  • Danish Technological Institute - Per Henrik Pedersen (project leader)
  • Gram Commercial - Flemming Tind Velling
  • DTU MEK - Wiebke Brix
  • SECOP GmbH - Lars Overgaard
  • EBM Papst - Henrik Dahl Thomsen

The project is funded by EUDP.