Project - Smart-Kapton-Heating

Natanya Majbritt Louie Hansen

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Project - Smart-Kapton-Heating

Smart-Kapton-Heating project is an Eurostars Project.

Project start September 2016. Project end August 2019.

The main project goal is develop infrared panels (Smart-Kapton) for indoor heating, which are more efficient that currently existing systems. The solution will provide lower heating energy consumption and consequently lower costs for heating as well as higher comfort for users.

The Smart-Kapton heating system will be especially important for patients with allergies such as asthma that suffer in the dry atmosphere of conventional convection heating systems.

The solution also has a positive environmental effect through substantial contribution to the lowering of CO2 footprint. The Kapton heating panels will be integrated in an intelligent smart home adaptive heating system in order to save energy and increase comfort of the users.

The role of the Danish Technological Institute is to develop the heat resistant and flexible coating needed for the panels as well as perform testing of the final panels.


  • Develop sandwich structure for the IR panels
  • Develop heat resistant coating for the panel surface
  • Develop intelligent control solutions for the IR panels
  • Design outdoor furniture with incorporated IR heating


  • Elgoline d.o.o. (Slovenia)
  • Intech-les d.o.o. (Slovenia)
  • Danish Technolgical Institute (Denmark)
  • Kalk A/S Partner (Denmark)

Participating from Danish Technological Institute

  • Wood and Biomaterials, Project managemet: Natanya Majbritt Louie Hansen, Development: Julie Brender Trads