Project - Social Innovation Community

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Project - Social Innovation Community

Social Innovation Community (SIC) - Horizon 2020-funded project.

Project start 2016. Project completion 2019.

Social Innovation Community

Developing an enabling environment for social innovation that links actions across the whole field and supports the full exploitation of their potential is vital to addressing societal challenges both in Europe and globally.

While there is increasing interest in social innovation as a means of addressing societal challenges, there is also considerable variation in the extent to which different countries and regions have embraced social innovation. There are many research and policy policy projects and incubation and acceleration programmes with valuable outcomes but these are still largely disconnected. Thus, the overarching aim of this project is to create a ‘network of networks’ of social innovation actors.

This Social Innovation Community (SIC) will identify, engage and connect actors including researchers, social innovators, citizens, policy-makers as well as intermediaries, businesses, civil society organisations and public sector employees.

DTI is particularly engaged in the following Work Packages

  • Engagement and Dissemination
  • Experimentation
  • Policy
  • Strategy development and impact measurement

SIC is a Horizon 2020-funded project, which will run for three years (2016-2019).

The consortium includes

  • AEIDL (Belgium)
  • The Technical University of Dortmund (Germany)
  • Bologna University (UNIBO, Italy)
  • The Young Foundation (UK)
  • Nesta (UK), Social Innovation Lab (Croatia)
  • The Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT, Netherlands)
  • The University of the Basque Country (Spain)
  • ZSI (Austria)
  • REVES (Belgium)
  • SIX (UK) 
  • Danish Technological Institute

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