Project - Super Optimized Carton Freezer (SOKI)

Jóhannes  Kristófersson

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Project - Super Optimized Carton Freezer (SOKI)

Project start 2016. Ended in 2018.

Purpose of the project
The project is expected to result in a reduction in energy consumption by freezing with up to 30 percent.

The objectives of this project is to develop the optimum design solution for a carton freezer and to optimize the packaging of the freezer. This is done by gathering experience from Claus Sørensen A/S, end user, Hørup Maskiner A/S, manufacturer of fast freezers, and Güntner GmbH & Co. KG, manufacturer of evaporators. Their experience combined with CFD modelling and tests carried out by Danish Technological Institute will show how a carton freezer is to be designed or renovated in order to obtain the most energy efficient carton freezer.


  • Optimization of the airflow through a pallet, including the intermediate plates
  • Optimization of the airflow between and through the individual pallets in the pallet rack/row of pallets
  • Optimization of the freezer design with the primary focus on airflow, including ventilators and evaporators
  • Optimum control of the freezing process

Participants Billedet viser en fyldt indfryser, som er klar til test.

  • Danish Technological Institute – Jóhannes Kristófersson
  • Claus Sørensen A/S – Michael Glering
  • Hørup Maksiner A/S – Søren Melgaard
  • Güntner GmbH & Co. KG – Alfred Erhard

The following work packages will be dealt with during the project:

  • WP1: Acquisition of knowledge
  • WP2: Simulation (CFD)
  • WP3: Measurements of fast freezer at Claus Sørensen A/S
  • WP4: Headline design recommendations
  • WP5: Primary control of two parameters of the freezing process
  • WP6: Development of a new energy optimized fast freezer
  • WP7: Test setup at Danish Technological Institute
  • WP8: Dissemination

The project has been granted funding from the Danish research programme PSO, ELFORSK.