Project - Under floor heating and heat pump optimization

Jannie Guldmann Würtz

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Project - Under floor heating and heat pump optimization

Under floor heating and heat pump optimization

Project start April 1st 2015. Ended in October 2017.

Purpose of project
The purpose of the project is to develop control systems for energy efficient operation of domestic heat pumps in combination with an under floor heating system. The control system will ensure lowest possible supply temperature from the heat pump and the most optimal volume flow through the under floor heating system.

This project seeks to minimize the gap between the accredited efficiency of a domestic heat pump and the actual efficiency when installed in a household. Unfortunately, measurements on existing heat pump installations has shown SCOP values well below expectations as the heat pump and the heat emitting system are rarely proper adjusted at installation, and the operating parameters are not continuously adjusted according to the actual operating conditions.

The project aims to minimize these problems, so that end users receive the expected efficiency from their heat pump installations. This will be achieved by developing integrated controllers for the heat pumps and the heat emitting systems to reduce the supply temperature and volume flow fluctuations. The focus will be on underfloor heating systems, although the controllers will be developed to fit radiator systems as well.


The project is divided into 9 work packages:

  1. Project management
  2. Construction of experimental setup
  3. Baseline functionality analysis
  4. Excitated functionality analysis
  5. Control strategies
  6. Dynamic modelling and simulation
  7. Implementing the control strategies
  8. Functionality analysis and validation
  9. Project reporting


  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Caverion
  • Bosch A/S
  • Halicon
  • Aalborg Universitet

The project receives funding from EUDP.