Quick Chilling and Equalizing

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Quick Chilling and Equalizing

Case story: Proan Mexico

“DMRI has provided many different services for Proan through the process of establishing our new facility, and their help with designing our chilling process has ensured a higher meat quality for our customers along with a low evaporative chill loss. To this day (Nov 2019), we still engage DMRI in our new projects.” says Project Manager & Export director, Omar Romo Jiménez

Project data

Chilling footprint: 1400 m2
Slaughter capacity: 300 pigs/h
Duration: 2015-2018


























DMRI was involved in:

Determine local slaughter practice. Data collection at the old service slaughter where Proan’s hogs were previously being slaughtered. This helps to determine lean meat percentage, fat thickness and hanging spacing for the carcasses (dependent on carcass splitting etc.). The data was then used for the chilling design.

Chilling process specifications. Complete set of equipment and process specifications ensuring a heat extraction from the carcasses resulting in good meat quality and low evaporative chill loss.

Building structure design. Principle building design interfacing properly between cold and warm building parts. Continuous consultancy during construction and evaluation of approaches.

Tender evaluation and QA. DMRI analysed incoming tenders and evaluated with Proan to ensure that the best refrigeration contractor was selected and that their equipment supply lived up to the process specifications. ABE (A. Blásquez E. Refrigeración Industrial) was selected and conducted the installation of the equipment with attention to detail and secured high quality of the final system.

Performance test after start-up. Once nominal slaughter capacity was reached, DMRI conducted a performance test of the carcass chilling process and all relevant parameters to determine that the refrigeration system was running according to specs. Minor adjustments were made, and a very low chill loss level was determined along with a significant lower rate of meat quality issues like PSE.