Biogas – 2. Operation, Optimization, and Economy

Kurt  Hjort-Gregersen

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Biogas - rådgivning om drift, teknik og økonomi

Biogas – 2. Operation, Optimization, and Economy

Denmark In Danish

The expansion of biogas production in Denmark is in full throttle. Both large shared biogas plants are being built, where many farmers deliver slurry and deep litter to a centralised plant, and farm biogas plants where one or a few farmers join forces.

Both during start-up and ongoing operations, biomass and biogas suppliers have to deal with a number of technological, economic, regulatory and environmental issues. This is where it can usually pay off to get a fresh set of eyes so you don't miss out on opportunities to improve your operations.

Impartial and well-documented advice

Danish Technological Institute has more than 35 years of experience in assessing the economics and technology of manure-based biogas plants. Our advice is impartial and evidence-based. This means that we do not favour particular solutions or suppliers, but advise based on your specific problem - and our documented knowledge of what works best in your situation.

The goal is to ensure profitable and efficient operations for you as a biogas plant operator - and a fair price for you as a biomass supplier.

Read more about how Danish Technological Institute can help you below.

Start-up and establishment of biogas plants

Are you curious about whether you should start a plant? We offer mapping of the biomass basis for biogas production both at farm level and in an area - in other words, a thorough screening of your options for establishing a profitable biogas plant.

Including offering to:

  • Review biogas plant offers and calculate profitability
  • Assess energy production assumptions, cost levels and transport costs
  • Advise on the optimal system concept based on your requirements and needs

Optimising the operation of existing biogas plants

Can the production and operation of your biogas plant be improved for the benefit of efficiency and economy? That's what we help Danish biogas plants uncover every day - based on the latest knowledge of technology for pre-treatment, pumping, mixing and operation of biogas plants.

Including offering to:

  • Check if there is inhibition in the system
  • Analyse the gas potential of the different biomasses used or to be used
  • Investigate if the digestion in the plant can be made more efficient

Take part in the development of future biogas technology

Biogas plants require advanced technology and equipment for efficient operation, and with the strong focus on biogas production in Denmark, the market is constantly evolving. You can be a part of this development - and thus be stronger in the face of tomorrow's demands from suppliers and authorities.

We work with farmers, biogas plants and technology suppliers to develop equipment and implementable solutions for the biogas industry. So if you have a great idea for a development project - or a specific technological challenge, we can help you make it happen.

Including offering to:

  • Reach out to relevant partners in the industry and in our broad network
  • Contribute research-based knowledge and insight into existing innovation
  • Identify the right funding pools and funding opportunities
  • Write professional applications and provide effective project management

Individual counselling for biogas operators

Danish Technological Institute offers a wide range of services to the biogas industry stakeholders, including farmers with biogas dreams, biogas farms, biogas joint ventures, technology suppliers, municipalities, authorities and NGOs. We can help with, among other things:

  • Mapping, documentation and reporting
  • Operational optimization, including pre-processing and updating technology
  • Development co-operation
  • Contracts for fertiliser and crop deliveries to biogas plants