Biogas – 6. Gas utilization and PtX

Quynh Thu Nguyen

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PtX biofuel

Biogas – 6. Gas utilization and PtX

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Today, through CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage), it is possible to utilise the by-product CO2 from biogas production in PTX applications and thus contribute to the green transition of Denmark's energy supply. We help CCUS actors - biogas suppliers, capture companies and energy companies - to ensure the purity of CO2 for PtX purposes.

CO2 from biogas production

By utilising CO2 from biogas production instead of releasing it into the atmosphere, PTX technologies can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote circular economy.

Furthermore, they can help integrate renewable energy sources into our energy system by converting excess electricity into storable and transportable fuels such as methanol and hydrogen.

The most common capture process used today to capture CO2 emissions from e.g. biogas plants is amine-based, which has the disadvantage that it can release harmful by-products such as nitrosamines and nitramines. At Danish Technological Institute, we have been working on the prevention of these toxic by-products in a Videnbro project, and we are therefore up to date with the latest knowledge in the field.

How can Danish Technological Institute help?

At Danish Technological Institute, we offer to assess the quality of the collected CO2 , both for storage and for PTX purposes through laboratory tests and real-time measurements, and thus help you find the best solution for your plant and your needs.

We also offer counselling and evaluation of purification measures, monitoring procedures and monitoring technology to ensure the quality of the captured CO2 .

Biogas PtX måling 1   Biogas PtX måling 2

Measurement of nitrosamines and nitramines from a CO2 capture plants.

What is PtX?

Power-to-X (PTX) technologies are a group of technologies that convert electricity into gas, liquid fuels or chemicals. These technologies are particularly interesting in the context of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar because they can help solve the problem of storing and transporting excess electricity.

CO2 from biogas production can be used in PTX processes such as PTX:

Electrolysis: First, electricity (ideally from renewable sources) is used to power an electrolysis process that splits water (H2 O) into hydrogen (H2 ) and oxygen (O ).2

Carbon Capture: CO2 captured from biogas production can then be utilised together with the hydrogen from electrolysis.

Synthesis: Hydrogen and CO2 can be combined in a synthesis process to produce synthetic fuels and chemicals. The result can be various forms of gas or liquid fuels that can be used in the transport sector, for heating, or as a raw material in the chemical industry.


If you have questions about gas utilization and PtX in biogas production, please contact us.