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Danish Technological Institute biogas services


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Danish Technological Institute is a key player working across the biogas production value chain - for the benefit of the industry's competitiveness and efficiency and for Denmark's green transition.

A growing sector

By 2030, Danish gas consumption is expected to consist of 100% biogas. This is evidence of an industry that is currently experiencing strong growth - not least driven by a national strategy where green transition and security of supply go hand in hand.

At the same time, this places great demands on biogas plants to continuously improve operations and energy efficiency based on ongoing innovation and technology development. Here, Danish Technological Institute is a key partner, as the only knowledge provider working actively throughout the biogas supply chain.

Access market-leading competences

Our services are based on a combination of specialised technological knowledge, advanced laboratory facilities and a business-oriented approach to market potentials. We work impartially and evidence-based on the biogas industry's need for solutions that support the environment, business and climate goals.

This means that as a customer or business partner, you get access to competences and facilities that span the entire biogas value chain.

We've grouped them into seven benefit areas, which you can read about on these pages. 


Biogas - Råvarer-til-biogas-uden-tekst-ny-150pxBiomasses for Biogas

Professional advice on optimising biogas production processes and advanced biomass testing facilities




Biogas - Drift, optimering og økonomi ikon uden tekst 150pxOperation, Optimization, and Economy

Strengthen the economics and technology of your biogas production through impartial advice, efficient planning of new plants and optimisation of existing plants.



Biogas 3-Metantab-uden-tekst-150pxMethane Loss

Increase profits from your biogas plant by documenting and reducing methane losses, implementing concrete improvement proposals and assessing the potential for improvements.




Biogas - 4 Lugt og emissioner 150pxOdor and Emissions

Streamline the management of odour problems through documentation of odour levels, laboratory analyses and impartial advice on optimal solutions.




Biogas - 5-Anvendelse-af-afgasset-gylle-og-slam-uden-tekst-150pxDigestate Utilization

Get specialised advice to optimise the utilisation of degassed biomass from biogas plants.




Biogas - 6-Gasanvendelse-og-PtX-uden-tekst-150pxGas Utilization and PtX

Find your way to efficient use of CO2 from biogas production in PtX through professional consulting, technical analyses and advice on purification and monitoring.




Biogas - 7-Sikkerhed-og-godkendelse-uden-tekst-150pxSafety: Approval and Regulation

Achieve competent and legal operation of your biogas plant through knowledge of the ATEX directives, initial inspections and updated employee training.