BPR - Biocidal Product Regulation. Control and Stability Testing

Sine Abraham Johannesen

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BPR - Biocidal Product Regulation. Control and Stability Testing

Biocide-containing products are subject to pan-European legislation. That means that all products containing active substances that are included on the Candidate List of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) have to be approved before they can be marketed. In order to obtain approval a number of data requirements specified in the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) have to be fulfilled.

The data requirements i.a. comprise physical-chemical testing and testing of the technical properties of the product. In some cases, testing follows the FAO manual with respect to the recipe type of the product. In other cases, tests are selected according to the specifications of the product.

Requirements are also made to the storage stability of the product. Tests of various parameters shall demonstrate a storage stability of at least 2 years. That applies to the content of the active substance and other physical-chemical properties of the product.

Requirements are made to the analysis method when quantifying the active substances in the recipe. The applied analysis methods shall live up to the requirements to linearity, specificity, recovery and precision that are described in the Biocidal Products Regulation with reference to SANCO 3030/99 rev. 4.

The Laboratory for Chemistry and Microbiology at Danish Technological Institute is accredited according to ISO 17025.

Efficiency tests according to EN standards are required for the recipes of the product type PT 1-5.

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