DLG tests in Denmark

Bodil Højland Lorentzen

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DLG tests in Denmark

Danish Technological Institute (DTI) and DLG TestService GmbH (DLG) have entered into a cooperation agreement which allows DTI to perform tests for the Scandinavian agroindustry according to the DLG Test Standards. A DLG test is a powerful tool giving access to the German market.

Mikael Poulsen - AgroMek 2018

DTI will perform the tests according the DLG standards and QA. The results from the test will be compiled into an official DLG Test Report.  

Fremtidens maskintest

DTI and DLG can offer tests of fertilizer spreaders, NIR-sensors and functional tests of agricultural equipment. The full scale test will be conducted in collaboration with farmers, who will evaluate the quality and performance of the machinery.

In future, DTI and DLG will develop novel tests standards to test and validate the performance of the future farming technologies for precision farming, digital farming and implementation of autonomous mobile robots for plant production.