DMRI TestLab - Optimize Sous Vide Process

Mari Ann  Tørngren

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Value adding - SousVide

DMRI TestLab - Optimize Sous Vide Process

Design your sous vide solution

Low temperature cooking is the fastest way to achieve maximum yield improvement, high quality and a more sustainable meat production.

In sous vide-heat treatment, food is packaged in vacuum bags and heat treated by immersing in hot water until a predetermined core temperature as been achieved. There is an option for running multi-stage processes where the temperature is maintained for a shorter or longer time at a given temperature. The result is a very accurate heat treatment without risk of drying out or re-contaminating the product.

Sous vide-processing is a low-temperature heat treatment known for generating very tender, succulent and tasty products. The capacity of our equipment ranges from 1-40 kg per batch. We have extensive experience in combining treatment time and temperature to achieve good eating quality as well as a sufficient level of food safety. All data can be logged to document the course of the process.

DMRI provides tailor-made consultancy services for every stage of the development process, from concept to implementation.

You can benefit from:cvesous

  • Upgrading of low value cuts
  • Yield improvement
  • Product development
  • Food safety documentation


Stage 1 - DMRI TestLab


Stage 2 - Industrial Plant

-  State-of-the-art pilot plant facilities
-  Accredited laboratories
-  Meeting & show room facilities
-  Expert support
-  Project management
-  Process flow
-  Equipment suppliers
-  Tender specification
-  Test of new facility
-  Project management