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Engine and vehicle technology

Sten  Frandsen

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Motor- og køretøjsteknologi

Engine and vehicle technology

We offer testing of vehicles, fuels, engines and emission control equipment in our own laboratories. In case of accident or and any disputes we offer impartial investigation and documentation of this. Furthermore, if you consider a greener kind of transportation - with gas or alternative fuels we can both test and give financial calculations on this.

Our focus is both gasoline- and diesel driven vehicles. However, we also participate in research work on alternative fuels such as biofuels, gas and synthetic fuels.


How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Unique testing facilities for engine testing in testing stand
  • Car road testing and heavy-duty vehicles on rolling road
  • Environmental inspection of diesel vehicles
  • Emission and effect measurement
  • Testing of liquid biofuels
  • Crash investigation
  • Testing and knowledge of lubricants
  • E-mobility, testing of electric vehicles and counselling of flet owners
  • Projects (testing and development) within fuel and engine technology