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High Tech Concrete Laboratory

The High Tech concrete laboratory, established in 2007, provides industry access to exploring new opportunities within production of concrete, formwork and prototypes. The two primary units of the HighTech concrete laboratory are a full-scale automatic concrete mixing station and a digitally controlled robot cell. This equipment combined with the Concrete Centre’s specialists makes the laboratory able to provide unique possibilities for developing new and innovative solutions within concrete.

Using the robot cell at the HighTech concrete laboratory digital models are directly used to produce physical items in terms of formwork (negatives) or model prototypes (positives). When tailoring the solution for a specific challenge, a wide range of possibilities regarding finish/quality and cost is available. The concrete mixing station provides unique opportunity to demonstrate the concrete products based on the unique formwork manufactured using the robot cell.  In addition the facility offers the opportunity to develop and optimize concrete mix design and to study rheology of self-compacting concrete, e.g. formfilling under very controlled large scale conditions.

The High Tech Concrete Laboratory has the tools and equipment to simulate your concrete production whether it is based on traditional slump concrete, self-compacting concrete (SCC), or zero slump concrete. We have many years of experience using IT tools for designing concrete compositions and controlling the hardening process. Furthermore, we are specialists within European standards and the requirements for testing, production certification and CE marking.

High Tech Concrete Laboratory at DTI, Taastrup

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