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Ingredienser foder

Ingredients - feed

A wide range of biomasses contain valuable components which can be applied as ingredients in feed products. In many cases, beneficial lipids can be extracted, e.g. lipids with high omega-3 content which are valuable for applications in fish- and poultry-feed. In numerous side streams, valuable components as colours or antioxidants may also be found.

This could be compounds like astaxanthin, a red colour with antioxidant effects applicable in feed for egg laying hens which can be applied to produce a brighter yellow colour in the yolk.

Furthermore, proteins can be extracted from various side streams and applied to secure the right amino acid profile of the final feed.

Danish Technological Institute can perform pilot scale production/tests of certain types of feed (extruded and pelletised feeds), perform analyses on components of a feed mixture and evaluate the stability of functional ingredients during processing.

An example of the latter is testing the survival of enzyme activity during processing, a task that DTI has been the preferred partner for by large clients through the last 50 years. Meanwhile, DTI can also perform pilot-scale production for clients.


Pilot Production